My little family, 2017.

My little family, 2017.

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Why, hello! I'm Michael.

I'm an ordained Christian pastor serving in Phoenix, Arizona. This site is the hub for my creative works and how I share Christian resources. 

First Edition, 1984.

I was born in 1984, incidentally the year Bill Waterson published his first Calvin and Hobbes book. Assuming a comic about a boy and his stuffed tiger must be written for children, my parents gifted me with another edition every year from my seventh birthday, until I'd read them all. In doing so, they unwittingly imparted a nascent love of art, philosophy, theology, and humorous hijinks that persists today.

Seminary Grad. 2016.

From ages eighteen to twenty-eight, I ran a photography business. To this day, I enjoy teaching the artform and shooting landscapes. My deeper passion, however, is pastoral ministry. I hold an Associates in Biblical Studies (2004) and Masters (M.Div, 2016) from Westminster Seminary in California. In 2017, I was ordained at Phoenix United Reformed Church, where I serve as Assoc. Pastor, preaching every week and leading studies.

Yellowstone, 2015.

Yellowstone, 2015.

Besides ministry, I love the outdoors. When I was twenty-five, I even rode a bicycle 1500 miles from Port Angeles, Washington, to San Francisco, California, which meant camping for sixty consecutive nights. Ashley enjoys endurance racing and hiking, too. We have one son, John, and a cat, Angel.

Nothing gives me greater joy than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping prepare the next generation of Christian disciples. If my abilities serve to increase others’ faith and untiy, I will be very satisfied.