My little family, 2018.

My little family, 2018.

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Why, hello! I'm Michael.

I'm a pastor at Phoenix United Reformed Church in Arizona. This site is where I share useful resources I've found online, as well as my own creative works. 

First Edition, 1984.


I was born in 1984, the year Bill Waterson published Calvin and Hobbes. These oddly philosophical comics, another volume of which I received each Christmas from ages six through twelve, imparted a love of creativity, reflection, and humor. Together with Lewis and Tolkien, literature shaped my early bent toward theology. In fifth grade, a relative gave me a Bible and I began to read Scripture voraciously. Thoughtout my adolescent years, I had no greater passion than to study and discuss the Word.

Seminary Grad. 2016.

Besides owning and operating a commercial photography business for ten years, I worked a variety of jobs before returning to school for pastoral training at age twenty-seven. Since then, I completed an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and a four-year Masters from Westminster Seminary in California (M.Div, 2016). Prior to joining Phoenix United Reformed Church as Associate Pastor, I served as a foreign missionary in Australia and at several churches in the States.

Yellowstone, 2015.

Yellowstone, 2015.

My wife, Ashley, and I love the outdoors and camp whenever possible. We have one son, John, who is our deep joy.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction, though, than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping prepare the next generation of disciples.