What are your travel rates? Will you come to my state/country/planet?

A: Yes, I will go almost anywhere you like, even to the top of a remote mountain. For this reason travel rates vary, yet are exceptionally reasonable. To account for vehicle wear and fuel, just take the round-trip distance (say, 200 miles) and factor 25 mpg (in this case, about $35). Locations over four hours away may require airline tickets or a rental car. Please contact me for details.

Can you take photos at our home?

A: Yes. I enjoy working in and around people's homes, because it makes the photos that much more personal. Children are often more relaxed and loose at a place they are familiar with, which can make for better photos. 

How long is it before we get the finished photos?

A: It varies. For weddings, I mail the files within 30 days following the wedding date. Portraits are within two weeks. This includes time for post-processing, DVD creation, and web-gallery building. If you order and album, you will still receive your photos after thirty-one days, but the album usually takes an additional two weeks, plus shipping. So, it's pretty quick. Even better, consider that you'll come back from your honeymoon and right as things settle down the photos and album will come. Perfect.


A: It's possible! Call me for details.

What do you recommend we wear?

A: I advise clients to bring three to six outfits, some bright, some neutral. A mix of casual and more dressy. This allows us to coordinate clothing to the locations, lending to a "clothing catalog" look. For families and groups, try to coordinate colors. Solids with few patterns are best. Avoid logos and clashing patterns. Refrain from clothing exposes a ton of cleavage or otherwise distracts from your face. 

Do you include albums? How much are they?

A: It varies based on the design, materials, and binding. Between $100 and $300. This may sound expensive but it is very reasonable considering the standard of manufacturing—they are meant to last several lifetimes of frequent use. They come boxed and are available in a number of styles. Before your album is sent in for printing and binding, you receive a digital proof to approve or change.

Do you archive our photos in case we lose them?

A: Yes. I keep a copy of all of your photos in my archive for six months from the date, in case something happens. Contact me and I'll send another copy free of charge.
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A: Yes, editing is an essential part of the modern craft of photography. This process involves personally adjusting each image to bring out the best color, detail, and distinction possible. Editing can take up to 20 hours for a single wedding and, whether they realize it or not, the style of my editing is the basis for why most clients hire me. Custom editing creates images not achievable with film or by many other photographers for that matter. I take a great deal of pride in this art. Even monochrome photos are dealt with individually. So editing not only allows for cosmetic touch-ups, but also makes dramatic differences in the final image.

Are you very distracting during events and ceremonies?

A: Absolutely not. I am very, very aware of how annoying a photographer can be during a ceremony. I never go up beyond a certain, pre-defined point unless you ask me to, and I make a point to be discreet; I would expect the same for my own wedding.

Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes - Please contact me for details.