Web Design

Does your church need a new site? I have designed, installed, and managed over a dozen sites for businesses, churches, and independent artists. My preferred platform is Squarespace (including this site), which is affordable, beautiful, and straightforward to maintain. Full design and installation starts at just $1000, with hosting starting at $8/month. I give the option of training one of your members for upkeep. Features include sermon hosting, interactive maps, pastor's blogs, church event calendars, and more.

Print Materials

From book covers to pamphlets, I've designed and overseen the production of all kinds of projects for businesses, churches, and individuals.

(760) 277-3875

GUIs for iOS and Android

In 2012, I conceived and partnered with Oh Meow to create a Leica-esque camera app. I oversaw visuals and ergonomic feedback.