The Meaning of "Christian"

The word "Christian" means much more than following Christ's teachings. Believers share his three-fold anointing as prophets, priests, and kings. Want to learn more? I just completed a three part sermon series, available below. May God bless you through this study.

Ministry Monday: How Long Should a Sermon Be

Brian Biedebach, a graduate of The Master’s Seminary, has some useful thoughts on how long a sermon should be. He notes:

"According to at least one recent poll, the most frequent preaching length is 20 to 28 minutes. If that is true, it is a telling indicator about the spiritual shallowness of churches today. Many churches have already done away with their evening services and if the popular trend is to reduce the sermon time on a Sunday morning, our generation is receiving less than half of the biblical teaching our parents received."

Is the problem with pastors, or the people? What can be done to help people hear the Word with interest? Check out Biedebach's post.